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We all want to get more traffic to our links and ultimately, more referrals which increase our daily income. However there are many ways to promote your link, and the sites in which you can do it are infinite. But promoting your direct link is not the best thing. Why? Because you are not squeezing the maximum of that traffic. Instead of just sending the person to a direct link, you can send him to your blog/page. The benefits are:

  1. The person won’t just see 1 site, you have him in your blog, so he might be interested in all of your websites.
  2. You can earn from ad netwerks per clicks or CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).
    • (I will give you the best networks below)
  3. You can get the email of the person, and send him further links.

If you promote your direct link, you only get the person to see the site you are promoting, and you are missing all of the above. And even if he doesn’t become your referral, you will earn from the ad networks, and there’s a pottential that he will become a referral for some of your other networks.

Let’s get started. How to set up a blog or a page.

The options here are endless. However, to have the best user experience, I recommend getting a shared hosting and using wordpress as your platform. Why? A lot of the free solutions there, will have slow loading speed, and limitations in what you can do. In wordpress you can even create a membership website with the thousands of free plugins. And if you are serious about making money, you can spend $5 a month for hosting, and $1-$10 a year for a domain. You can get a domain from Namecheap or Godaddy the choice is yours. A .com domain costs around $8 and .xyz is only $0.99. If you want to quickly earn this money, you can check the article – How to earn money by solving captchas – you will be able to get this money for 2-5 days if you put in the work. Now let’s get started:

  1. Get a domain
  2. Get hosting We recommend Hostinger:
    • It’s using litespeed servers, which are the fastest for wordpress.
    • It has plans for everyone, from cheap to premium.
    • They offer free SSLs and Domains.
    • The support is outstanding.
  3. Install WordPress. You can do it via the Hostinger script installer.
  4. Install a wordpress theme, which you like. Just go to Appearence > Themes > Add new.
  5. Start writing posts.
  6. Drive traffic.
  7. Start banking.
How to add a new theme in wordpress.
How to add a new article/post in wordpress.

How to attract more referrals

There are a few ways you can write articles. I will talk about 2.

  1. The first one is about sites, that are bigger and have more unique features. You will write posts dedicated to them, explaining all the pros and cons about that website. Posting payment proofs. Giving your personal thoughts, and everything you can write about the website.
  2. The second option is for smaller websites. You can group them in “Top 5” or “Top 10”, for example “Top 5 PTC websites for December”, “Top 10 Trending websites for December”. You get the point, those website are not so unique, but you can still get referrals for them and squeeze out every dollar you can.

Make sure that you use plain English, and a clear layout for your website. Don’t spam it too much, and don’t just throw in banners and links. Make it structured, easy to follow for the user.

Monetizing your blog

This is the sweet part. Let me first explain what is CPM – cost per 1000 impressions. Impression are basically how many times an ad has been viewed. So 1000 impressions, means that the Ad was displayed 1000 times. The CPM price depends on the quality of your traffic, of it’s geo location and the ad network. It can be anywhere between $0.01 – $2+.

This does not sound so much, right? Wrong. You can place several ad networks on your blog, and combine that revanue. You can easily make $5+/day by just sending people to your site. Additionally, you will be getting referrals for the websites you are promoting.

Here are the ad networks I am using:

Those networks are not so used in the PTC industry:

  • Adsterra – It is the newest network I am using and currently it has the highest CPM.
  • Adorion – Another CPM network with a low payout.

Those are the most used in the PTC industry:

  • Anonymus Ads – They are paying in crypto.
  • AdHitz – They are not using the CPM model, but the CPC model – they are paying per click. You can get up to $0.14 per click. You can see the CPC rates in their website.

How to drive traffic to your website

The possibilities here are endless. The limits are only in your creativity. Here I will give you a few ideas how to promote your website/blog.

  • Use a traffic exchange program, the best one is – Easyhits4U – basically, you exchange website views with other people. How it works: 1. You view 20 second ads, and get credits for it. 2. Add your website to the rotator. 3. Use the credits you earned, to exchange them for view.
  • Create a youtube videos, explaining and promoting your website/content. Boost the views with a progrogram like – YTMONSTER – you will exchange views, and get more views for you video. This way, you can rank better, and get your video in the suggested sidebar.
  • Post on blogs like EMS and BeerMoneyForum.
  • Advertise in other PTC website. Remember that you can always convert your earning in to ads. Don’t aways rush to withdraw the money. Re-invest. That’s a key point in making the cash flow bigger.

Conclusion: How to get more referrals

If you want to earn online, you have to threat that as a business, not as a hobby, and you have to be willing to invest money in case to get more money out of it. Also, do not rely on one monetization method, think of ways, that you get most of the traffic you get.

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